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Traditional Maori Greeting Te Hongi

Kia ora (greetings) and welcome to Maori Experiences Rotorua

Maori Experiences Rotorua offers visitors a range of unique Maori Experiences with everyday local Maori people and experienced Maori Guides on a more personal and intimate level. Located here in Rotorua the cultural heart of New Zealand and home to the Maori people, we believe that your Maori experience will connect you with the Tangata Whenua (people of the land) in a more meaningful way, giving visitors a much greater appreciation of who we are as a people.

Choose from a range of unique cultural activities the experience or experiences you wish to encounter with Maori people and we will make the necessary arrangements required to deliver you the very best that our people have to offer.

From Maori Guided Tours, Maori Homestays, Maori Priest Blessing, Maori Hunting Excursions, Maori Weddings & Maori Vow Renewals, Maori Cooking just to name some of the Maori Experiences on offer and should we not have the experience you wish to encounter just enquire what you are looking for and we will do our very best to make the Maori Experience happen for you.

The Maori Experiences that we offer will give you the very best of our culture our history our way of life ensuring that your visit to our shores will be remembered for all the right reasons, allowing we the Maori people to keep our culture our proud heritage very much alive and strong  within the hearts and minds of visitors who journey here to Aotearoa (New Zealand) the land of the long white cloud.

Choose from the following Maori experiences



 Maori Guided Tour   1/2 Day Volcanic Geothermal Tour

Pick up time from accommodation 8.45am / Return time 12.30pm

Tour costs $150.00 per adult / Children under 15 years $65.00 / Children under 5 years F.O.C / Family Deal of 2 adults & 2 children $380.00 (includes all entry fees)


 Tour Itinerary

The 1/2 day volcanic/geothermal tour begins here in Rotorua where your Maori guide will escort you through a traditional geothermal Maori village. Our village will come alive before your very eyes as you learn about how our people utilise the natural resources provided by mother nature for daily purposes like cooking, bathing and heating our homes, you will also meet some of our family in the village along the way.

Next we head out to the volcanic region where you will visit the most active mudpools in the Rotorua region as well as the spectacular geothermal park with all the amazing colors in it including artists palette, devils bath, champagne pool. Your Maori guide will inform you about the many purposes that Maori would use the natural resources for like medicine and healing, ceremonies often took place around the sacred waters in the volcanic region and warriors would bathe in the sulphuric pools to cure their wounds that were inflicted during battle. Before you return to your accommodation you would have discovered some amazing sights, interesting smells and having learnt about people & places that are sacred to the Maori people.

Places Visited

*Most Active Mudpools in Rotorua *Geothermal Maori Village *Volcanic Region *Waiotapu Thermal Wonderland *10.15am Lady Knox Geyser * Outdoor Natural Hot Spring (optional)


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 Maori Guided Tour  1/2 Day Historic Tour

Pick up time from accommodation 8.45am / Return time 12.30pm

Tour costs $150.00 per Adult / Children under 15 years $65.00 / Children under 5 years F.O.C / Family Deal of 2 adults & 2 children $380.00 (includes all entry fees)



 Tour Itinerary

The 1/2 Day Historic Tour begins here in the city of Rotorua where you will visit the historic Maori village at Ohinemutu, known as the birth place for the Te Arawa tribe. You will also enter the historic and beautifully carved Maori church called St Faiths and view the famous image of Jesus walking on the water. Your experienced Maori Guide will unravel some of the stories, legends and proud history of when our people settled in this land known as Waiariki (water of the gods).

Your journey will then take you to the outskirts of Rotorua where you will visit the sacred Blue and Green Lakes. The crystal clear waters and native forest have provided a wildlife sanctuary and food resources that Maori have lived amongst and protected for many generations.

Next you will visit the famous Buried Village, once bustling with life and thriving with tourism in the 1800s. Visitors from all over the globe would arrive here at Te Wairoa village as they prepared for their trip to the Pink and White Terraces also known and regarded as the Eighth Wonder of the World.

Before your return back to your accommodation your Maori Guide will drive you up the road just a short distance from the Buried village where you will view Mount Tarawera and the surrounding area from the viewing platform. As you gaze in awe taking in this panoramic view, who would think that in such a place of natural beauty, peace and tranquility so much devastation would take place when Tarawera erupted on June 10, 1886.

Places Visited

*Historic City Tour *Historic Maori Church *Sacred Lakes Region *The Buried Village *Mount Tarawera Lookout *Historic Traditional Maori Village

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Maori Guided Tour  Experience  Rotorua Tour

Highly recommended full day tour, includes steam cooked hangi lunch & cultural show

Pickup time from accommodation 9.00am / Return time 4.30pm

Tour costs $320.00 per adult / Children under 15 years $190.00 / Family Deal of 2 adults & 2 children $730.00 This full day Experience Rotorua Tour includes all entry fees

Experience Rotorua Full Day Tour comes highly recommended and includes the unparrelled beauty, history, culture and geothermal wonders that Rotorua has to offer. From the scenic natural beauty of the Rotorua redwoods, to the crystal clear waters of the sacred lakes region and the mesmerising sight of Te Wairere Falls.

Experience the culture of the local Maori people as you are welcomed onto a traditional geothermal Maori village, hear our stories of a bygone era when our ancestors first arrived to this sacred region and enjoy natures wonders as you are escorted around a living geothermal Maori village where our people utilise the natural resources for daily living purposes. Sit back and enjoy the very best that Rotorua has to offer with cultural entertainment, song and dance and last but not least, taste and enjoy a traditional steamed cooked hangi feast before your departure.

The Experience Rotorua Tour specialises in small group tours and is hosted by your own personal experienced local Maori guide. Lots of photographic opportunities, amazing sights and interesting smells, an amazing way to experience Rotorua at her very best.We recommend casual wear and clothing and depending on weather conditions waterproof clothing may be required. All payment is required at pickup time unless pre-arranged by management.

Experience Rotorua Tour Includes the Following

*Historic City Tour / Includes Historic Government Gardens & Rotorua Lakefront

*Whakarewarewa Traditional Thermal Maori Village

*Traditional Hangi Feast & Maori Cultural Show

*The Buried Village / Te Wairere Falls

*Mount Tarawera Scenic Lookout

*The Rotorua Redwoods

*Sacred Lakes Region /Lake Tikitapu/Lake Rotokakahi

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 Maori Guided Tour Full Day Taupo Tour

Pick up time from accommodation 9.00am / Return time 4.30pm

Tour costs $320 per Adult / Children under 15 years $190.00 / Chilldren under 5 years F.O.C / Family Deal of 2 adults & 2 children $790.00 (includes all entry fees & lunch in Taupo)


 Tour Itinerary

*Waiotapu Thermal Wonderland

*10.15 Lady Knox Geyser, Mudpools, Volcanic Region 

*Aratia Dam (view opening of dam floodgates)

*Huka Falls

*Wairakei Geothermal Field

*Lake Taupo

*Shopping in Taupo

Your full day Taupo tour starts with the amazing Volcanic Waiotapu Thermal Wonderland region. The amazing colors in the park caused by the natural minerals will provide plenty of photo opportunities along the way. Be in awe as you view the most active boiling mudpools in the region.

Your journey towards Taupo takes you to the Aratia dam, as the flood gates open feel the power surge as thousands of litres per second go thundering down the rapids towards the power station.The Huka Falls is New Zealands most visited scenic reserve in the country. Your Maori guide will escort you through a track that boasts of some of the most amazing scenic views and crystal clear waters that you will ever see during your visit.

Enroute to lake Taupo the Wairakei geothermal field harnessing natures geothermal energy underground and producing electricity across the national grid is a sight to behold. Hissing gases and continuous billows of steam filling the air makes you feel as if mother nature herself is welcoming you into another world far away from the one you left.

Finally lake Taupo in all her splendor and beauty makes the journey thus far worthwhile. Take a leisurely walk around the lake, enjoy a lunch break from one of Taupo's popular lakeside restaurants that offer majestic views of the mountain ranges and the entire Taupo district. Last but not least before you depart enjoy the variety of shopping centres and stores that boast of Taupo being one of New Zealands most visited and luxurious tourist destination cities.

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Maori Made Shopping Tour


Maori Made Shopping Tours offers a 1 1/2 hour unique shopping experience where you can visit local stores that specialise in Maori made products & items with a personal Maori guide. We provide a pickup & drop off service from within the Rotorua CBD area. Minimum Tour booking of two paying adults with costs of $40.00 per person.


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Maori Guided Tour Hobbiton Movie Set

highly recommended small group private shuttle tour

Experience a personal small group shuttle tour to the Hobbiton Movie Set and farm tour in Matamata where the world famous Lord of the Rings movie was made by Peter Jackson. There are two tour options available the first a morning tour from 9.00 am - 12.30 pm and our afternoon tour from 1.00 pm - 5.00 pm. Our private tours pick up & drop off from your accommodation in Rotorua.

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Traditional Maori Village Overnight Stay

Experience an overnight stay for your group at a traditional Maori village location. Live and sleep together in our ancestral meeting house and meet the local family of the village along the way. Hear the stories and proud history as you learn about our people within a cultural environment. Have fun and relax as we welcome you into our world of the Maori People.

For all 

Maori Homestay Experience

Experience an overnight homestay with a local Maori family. Enjoy the manaakitanga (hospitality) of our cultural ambassodors as you are welcomed into their home. Your homestay experience also includes breakfast, full use of household facilities and a morning or afternoon introductory tour of Rotorua with your Maori host.


Maori Priest Blessing

Experience a ceremony with a Maori Priest or a personal excursion learning about the customs & protocols of the Maori people and visiting a traditional Maori village. Your Maori Priest is a descendant of the sacred Takitimu canoe that migrated to New Zealand from Polynesia 1000 years ago.






Maori Tattoo

Experience a permanent Maori designed tattoo that reflects your own personal journey in life. As you meet with our Maori tattoo specialist you will share your very own personal life story and the design that the our specialist will create will encompass your history, your identity and the important things that you value in life.

Maori Designed Family Crest / Family Coat of Arms

 Forward your details regarding your personal family history or personal journey in life and our Maori tattoo specialist will create a unique Maori design that reflects your journey in life. This form of Maori art and design has come about by special request and most of all it is 100% pain free. Your very own Maori design will be drawn up on paper by our Maori tattoo specialist and given to you to take home upon completion.


Maori Host

Experience a tour of Rotorua or New Zealand with your own personal Maori host to drive and guide you. Whether it is for half a day, a full day or perhaps a week. In the North Island or South Island, with your own vehicle or with transport provided for you, just kick back and enjoy the scenery with your own personal Maori host to guide you.

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Maori Weddings

Experience a truly unique and emotional Maori wedding experience. New Zealand Maori Weddings offers international couples a traditional Maori themed wedding ceremony. Exchange your wedding vows on a romantic island, traditional Maori village, spectacular wedding venue or sacred spring. As you enter into the bonds of love we welcome you into our world of Maori.


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Maori Vow Renewal Ceremony

Experience a Maori themed vow renewal ceremony here in Rotorua. As you renew your vows we will serenade you with the famous Maori love song Pokarekare ana. You will wear the Maori love cloaks throughout your ceremony and a Maori Priest will perform a blessing upon your marriage and your future.

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Maori Hunting Experience

Experience a hunting or wilderness excursion with the people of the Tuhoe tribe. Your Maori hosts offer indigenous wilderness experiences in the rugged and remote area known as Te Urewera region. Their knowledge and experience is second to none and they cater to a range of activities from horse treks, fishing, hunting and tramping.



Maori Culture

Maori culture is intergrated into New Zealand society and reflects the customs and values of the Maori people. Rotorua is the cultural heart of New Zealand and home to the Maori people. The main tribe is called the Te Arawa tribe and have lived here in the Rotorua region for many generations amongst the steam, hot springs and geo thermal wonders.


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